About Us: Bringin' it Local

SVCA is a local endeavor intended to address the issues of our community members in the Greater Spokane Valley. Although the City of Spokane has many resources and agencies that could provide assistance to the Valley, many times getting included in their services is a daunting task. So, in the interest to attend to OUR community, Spokane Valley Community Advocates was “born”.

Image of Sherri
Sherri Gangitano - Founder

Sherri is a “been there, done that” powerhouse who created and developed the idea of Spokane Valley Community Advocates (SVCA). She has extensive experience working with community members-in-need, demonstrating her career and volunteer proficiency within non-profit, social-centered agencies and grass-roots groups. As a mother of four, Sherri has lived a challenging life. Through financial hardship, to severe medical issues, she knows the dread of the dark clouds and got through them with the enthusiasm and confidence that other people can gain with guided support, effective strategies and determination.

Judy Armes, MA

Judy has had a lot of “former” careers. Prior to her retirement (and joining SVCA), she has been a Dental Hygienist, a Health Educator, a small business owner, a coach, and a Marriage and Family Counselor. With this vast experience, she helps us organize our volunteer groups, engages in business connections and offers caring support for everyone she meets. She would say that her primary life goal is to encourage everyone to seek strategies that can reduce a sense of helplessness and grow their self-support know-how, while actively discovering and utilizing available resources.

Image of Sherri

Image of Sherri
Jennifer Calvert, MS

A long-time resident of the Spokane Area (since 1982), Jennifer has been an active participant in our political and social interests. She was a teacher at Ferris High School for 17 years, teaching Math to high school students, a difficult and rewarding enterprise. For the past 14 years, she has lived in Spokane Valley, offering her expertise and energy to many volunteer opportunities, including providing tutoring services to struggling math students.