Our Three Prong Approach



For the people,by the people!

When community members raise their voices, the gain power over life changes. When several members come together, they can make great strides in community-level changes to better their lives.

This can be creating a complex tenant-led association or advocating for local ordinance changes. Power comes from those who speak up and we provide the tools to make it happen




Responsive Emergency Aid Communication Tree

URGENT NEEDS? We have all had situations where a paycheck doesnt come on time and you run out of food, diapers,pet food or other essential items. Perhaps you just moved into a place from homelessness but dont have the basic of items. Or maybe you have been in the hospital and need medical supplies not covered by insurance.

Taking the "church phone tree" to a whole new level, Community members volunteer to become part of our local network. When your call for help comes in we rebroadcast that need(via mass text) and we can usually meet that need within 24-72 hours.



Rental Assistance

Help to Apply for Rent Relief Fund

Currently, the GSV has a void in helping tenants with the county wide rent assistance program. If you make less than 80% avaerage median income (AMI) and had a financial hardship related to COVID pandemic. (Unemployment, a drop in income, illness, etc.) resulting in rent or utility arrears, YOU MAY QUALIFY! With full SNAP approval, we have stepped up to help those tenants by scheduling local mini-events and phone appointments to complete the applications.

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Suppling the people with the power to raise their voices. While providing hope and opportunity.
Honoring all members of our community with dignity compassion and understanding, we work to empower each person to create a vision and plan for a better future for themselves and their families. Promoting hope and opportunity are our highest goals. Connecting people with available services is how we achieve success... for all of us.